Taco’bout Love


When tasked with picking a topic for my final project, I decided to pick something I truly love: Tacos.



When I moved to Austin in 2010, I admit that I was actually not a huge fan of tacos. I preferred pancakes for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, burgers for dinner, and pizza for my late night refuels. Over time, as I grew more and more into the stereotype of an Austinite I now am (with the beard I grew, tattoos I accumulated, and Lonestar’s I drank) I slowly began to understand this city’s fascination and obsession with the simple yet refined food-group.

The other thing I love is the city I live in, Austin. So at its core, this site is not a comprehensive guide, nor is it even a “best of” list for tacos in Austin. It is, however, a compilation of some of the most popular tacos from around this ever-evolving city. Within you’ll find stories, maps, Tweets, and below you can watch the story of my love for tacos. So take a look around, take some notes, go try some of my recommendations and let me know your favorites I may have missed.


Below, check out some photos from my “Day of Tacos” where on December 11, 2016 I ate at all my favorite taco spots in 24 hours!




Jordan Cooper | December 14, 2016 | jsc117@txstate.edu